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So around a month ago I was asked by my friend, Putri Herludianto, to take pictures of her dress catalog that will be published online. Since it was a sudden project, we did not have time to discuss about the detail concept or even making a survey on the photoshoot location. Because she asked me to propose a location with plain background, I suggested her to use the empty house beside mine. The location is small around 3 x 4 meter but advantages by natural sunlight through big window.

It went smooth thanks to great assistance of Putri Herludianto (the owner/designer/model) and Yogaswara (the best supporting member in every occasion). I took the shots with Canon 60D, Canon 50mm F1.8 lens (that nifty-fifty), Canon 35 mm F2.0 lens, and also Tamron 17-50 mm F2.8 lens. I prefer not to use flash since I guest natural lighting is sufficient for this session. For the post-processing, I use Adobe Lightroom 5.4. Here are some of the results,

As you can see the result with natural lighting is not really bad (I guess). But honestly, after consulting with my friend, Andriani Oktadianti, this session can be improved by several adjustment on the pose and also try to get rid of distraction of accessory. Of course taking this session in studio and further post-processing with editing tools may help.

For complete series of the clothes you can go to ETHNICbyputrikaisa instagram link.


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