Our New Adventure

Hello all! How are you doing with life? Me? I am good now in one side but quite blur in other side. Well, as usual right. It is between whether you choose to looking up on the light or you are nodding down watching your shadow and start introspecting yourself, or let's say contemplating.

First thing first, at last, in my 25 years lifetime, I got married with my best partner in the world, my love, my pals, and my adviser in this world, my wife, Ayuningtyas Putri Prahesty.

I think being a husband with Ayu is one of the greatest decisions in my life. Sometimes I think it does not change my life significantly. But deep inside my mind, I know it affects me. Being a husband is more than just a status, more than just a ring on my finger, it is about enhancing compromise and also being an icon for a family. After I get married, I  become calm in one way, understand the priority but sometimes (well) keep being myself who sometimes become ignorance. Luckily I have outstanding wife who always remind me to be a better person.

I do realize it is challenging to share our life. As people said, marriage is a holy way and the sacred agreement with human and God to combine individuals who come from different background, has different history, and opinion into one solid company. A company who has one vision to be better family, to be a pair of human who inherit virtue to further generation.

So now, here it is. My new adventure, correction, "our" new adventure begin since Saturday, 18 October 2014. We are going to face a lot of challenge. Indeed it seems scary, but what is the fun of scary thing without  accomplishing the way to tame it.



  1. Congratulation for your wedding.. Have a fun ride ahead! :D


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