The Sartorialist: Italian Girl

I read this short writing in Sartorialist book which I borrowed from Ayu. I felt this writing is formulated and summarized through a long journey and experiencing different perspective before Scott Schuman was able to express it in well said paragraphs, so here it is,
Italian girls
French girls have a smoky, sexy allure. English girls are great at shock value, the 'it's so bad it's good' aesthetic. Japanese girls have a sense of beauty and style references that I'm still trying to understand.

American girls have a sense of physicality and sportiness in how they wear clothes that set them apart.

The one thing that these varied sensibilities seem to share is a certain cynicism about beauty. These young ladies want to be pretty but not too pretty, not too demure, not too Grace Kelly-ish. It seems that what they want is a certain edge to their persona, a certain subtle aggressiveness to their beauty.
I don't find that attitude nearly as prevalent in Italy. There is a charming respect and aspiration to the classic standards of femininity and beauty. The concept of being bourgeois is not something that the Italian woman fights against but something she like to redefine in a modern setting. Milan and Florence are some of the only cities in the world where girls can dress entirely in American Apparel without even hint of irony.

Most of the young Italian girls I know have a wardrobe a quarter of the size of the typical young American girl. They don't throw money at fashion and have not adopted the fast fashion new-wardrobe-every-week approach that seems to be swallowing the rest of the world.


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