World Cup 2014 Schedule in Google Calendar

Related to the World Cup 2014 event which will be started at 12 June 2014 in Brazil, I would like to share link for Google Calendar that I think gonna be useful for football lovers. With this schedule, I expect we can manage our sleep time, dating, time, praying, or even working time to ensure we can enjoy the biggest football (For you American, it is Soccer) tournament in this world. You can find the step to add your World Cup schedule below,
  1. Copy this link:
  2. Open Google Calendar and search for Other Calendar part on low-left page. Then, click the little arrow beside Other Calendar section. It will open several options for you.
  3. Choose "Add by URL" then paste the link which written in step number 1.
  4. Usually it only took seconds for synchronizing your calendar into the link. After refreshing your pages, it will show the complete schedule for World Cup 2014. Regarding time zone, even though I took this link from foreign website but it already shows match time in Jakarta, Indonesia time zone (GMT +7). So I think it will synchronize with any time zone.
  5. Enjoy the game!
Result (Time GMT+7):


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