TWG Tea Experience

I already curious with this place for awhile. At last, I was able to try a cup of decent hot tea here. I have to say this place is really neat and fancy for me, with all blinking and bright lighting combine with colorful jars, cans, and pots, makes me feel warm in some way and also energize my mood to enjoy a nice and pleasant chat.
First thing that I felt here is a very warm welcome from the shop attendant which waiting kindly in front of guest-list book. They will confirm whether we already have any reservation or not before trying to find any vacant table for us. Since I was coming spontaneously with my friends, we just came in and asked a table for four people. Fortunately, there was an available one.

When I was looking on the Tea Menu, I was surprised by choices that available. This place is really serious with tea. They have collection of tea from all around the world, mixed tea, or even their signature recipe and everything looks interesting. If you want to try any unique flavor tea, TWG Tea is the right place.

The shop attendant also have good knowledge about tea that they serve. They are able to elaborate the origin of every tea, what flavour and sensation that generated, and also give good suggestion by showing the raw tea in the cup before it was brewed. From the raw tea itself, we can smell the flower, fruit, or the dry leaves that is ready to be boiled. The attendant also explained that all tea that serve do not come through second brewing process. Only serve the first brew is the way to ensure guest experience the right concentrations of tea.
On lunch time, this place is occupied by meeting that probably a business lunch. I saw people having discussion and afternoon talk while enjoying a cup of tea accompanied by looks-delicious dishes and also desserts. Some people also have discussion by pointing images in their notebook.

As much as I said this is a decent place for tea lover, amount of money that we spent in this place to experience appealing taste of tea is well-suited. So that do not hesitate yourself to enjoy and explore your unusual tea.

“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.” 
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground


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