The Temptation of Desire

"Does not care what we want. Once we got it, we want other else."
- Petyr Baelish, Littlefinger -
Strong words isn't it? Indeed the temptation of having something else occurred to us since a very-very long time. Perhaps since we know that we can get something what we want in this world through crying. In the matter of time, we grow up and find out that to get something, tears is not the gentle or let's say noble way to obtain it.
We live, we struggle, we try to earn something. Not only through crying or shouting. We must move. We must innovate. We have to attack, aggressively, or even pretending as weaklings to be a winner.
But on the other way, suppressing temptation to earn something probably one of the eternal examination in human life. Unfortunately, not all school teach this matter. Only some wise people who humble enough want to enlight us through whisper or even shout. I doubt direct order can bring us to find how to control our will in obtaining something that we do not have in our initial condition. We are stubborn. Shouting will not crush our ego.
Therefore, religion give one of the solution. Pray. Praying is an ultimate supplement for effort. With praying, we raise our hope. We increase our dream dose in our head and heart. We feel God hear our will and in unpredictable way, will give us an opportunity to see it comes true.
To understand which one is overrated for us, we can find it through a deep conversation with ourselves. Close our eyes, take a deep breath. And start the talk.
"Do you really want it/that/those/this/these?"
"Do you really deserve to have it/that/those/this/these?"
And many other things that can be questioned and answer through private conversation with ourselves. Sometimes, the best advisor is actually ourselves. Because we have to face our biggest rival, our ego. Fighting with our ego, then take an action from the conversation can be one of the many ways to understand ourselves, our position, our condition, opportunity that we have, and probably what we can do with it.
The other... always come. There is no such things as no other. No-other-things is one statement that we made to calm and hold ourselves towards spending our assets into something that unpredictable.
Start the talk when you feel you can obtain something. Just talk with yourself. If it is not enough, go find someone you feel you can talk to. Find a place that can give you an answer. Just do not stop looking for the answer. Once you find the conclusion, keep on to it. Commit to it. Then the others will probably go to others. Because actually, you will get what you deserve in this world. Just believe it. What you earn is what you deserve based on your effort. So does what you will obtain someday.


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