About Giving Up

Apparently, I found out giving up is one of the easier and the biggest temptation in this world. Giving up is like a dose of painkiller which actually only buy us time before we are bolted and bruised by another challenge. Giving up often come to me in many forms. I face him in form of human -- male and female -- and as usual material things such as money or even the abstract one, dream.

Giving up. It is always a choice. You will always find it in any option that you made, come, or given in your live. The things is, giving up is not the best choice. We can delay our effort, but not give it up. Not even once.

We run, we walk, we swim, we jump, and in the middle of those action, give up will come, try to root our mind and soul. Instruct as to stop. Saying we are not good enough. Saying we are done. Saying you cannot do it. Saying just stop, it is the best for now.

Will you give up after know what you are now? Will you? Will you stop after know where you are standing now?

Place where you stay now is the result of not giving up. It is a collective effort from yourself, family, friends, relatives, lovers, and all factors in this realm.

Giving up is a choice. But we always have an opportunity not to choose it.


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