Black Coffee

So how about a nice cup of coffee for this afternoon? Maybe later on we can talk more about life, and live it. I think we should wake up and learn to embrace our daily life. Some people need a starter, for me it is a black coffee. Black coffee never fails me. It works like a slap in my head, ordering me to wake up and start to look into something around me carefully.

How about a black coffee and we talk? I miss you. It is so nice to remember that we like black coffee. Just a simple similar thing that we favor.

How about your life? I am pretty much understand your changing everyday, me too. It happens to all people though. Sh*t often happens every Monday while we miss Friday that much. But we forget something, we passed on another week of our life. Make sure it was worth it.

What do you think if we drink another cup of coffee one day. I just miss your laugh after we take a sip of sour taste of coffee. Your laugh never fails me as much as I remember the taste of black coffee.

I change my mind someday, but not now. I take my time as much you take yours.

How about a walk after a cup of coffee? But this time, side by side. I will take it slow so please make sure you do not lose me this time.


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