Contemplating About Choices, Time, and Effort

Life is full of choices. Everyone knows that (I guess), but what attracts me with this statement is what people made in their choice. I understand choosing something in our life is could be as simple as we choose whether we want to wake or not from our bed. Whether we want to take a bath or directly eat our breakfast. I mean... probably we can make it that simple.

For many cases, especially for the unfamiliar one, choices can be a challenging and scary things. It is just like we will step into one of the two doors with dark curtain, while in one choice it seems damp and wet, but in other choice it feels dry and hot. Both have their own advantages. So then, are we only going to dip our toes and try to guess what is on the other side? Or we just going to take the first step, put every guts that we have and try to step into darkness? I think you know the answer (the ideal one). Oh yea, just sit and die without knowing nothing also the a choice though.

I think although in this era people find it easy to collect information and make a guess about what kind of choices that they will made, of course to make the best one (subjectively), it is not so easy to take one of the opportunity, chances, trivia, or just like choosing a card from one deck of closed cards. The choice is clear, we know what probably behind it. But as we know life is full of trick and surprises, we still cannot overcome everything that come 100% in ideal time and place. Well, I believe it takes time to understand about something or just to make proper respond and take lessons from something new.

I believe everyone is wondering what will happen next. And also our life is full of "what if" question. It is normal. We should compare our past to present life in order to sculpture our future. Same case with comparing our life with others. For me comparing can goes to negative way, means put our life too much in order to be in the same level or condition with others. Every individual in this world has their own level. It is up to them whether they will reach their highest level in this life or not. This world is not as an online multiplayer game, which everyone can has similar job, level, equipment, journey and quest. Our life is just to fascinating and yet complicated to accomplish within predicted time.

Talk about time, nowadays most people are trying to finish everything as soon as they can, while they probably neglecting the fun part in the process. It is just like going to other place with cars compare to on foot. By car we will arrive first, but on foot we will know more about our journey. So then, which one that you would choose? You must be laughing at my statement before, it is like looking at the world in black and white. Yeah, life has it greys too. I know it. To understand the grey part, we better have experience, understand our priority, and also able to contemplate the opportunity that will come in the end. Ah, so interesting...

Indeed, I am curious about life itself. I always say to Ayu, what we will do next? What will I become someday? I just want to know. Yet, she always the one who slow me down and reminds me to take it slow, one step at a time. Embrace every step that I take, do not rush everything, do what is best for now. Because when the time is right, it will come eventually. Thank you for always knock my head with your words, dear.

In the end, in my contemplation this evening, I will put another effort for tomorrow. Making same effort would be a loss for me. It is should be always better one? Well, in my view, for ambisious person, it must be better effort. But if you put yourself as a learner (ah, just an alibi for me to be lazy, perhaps), we can take it slow, or maybe being stupid a little bit. Because what is life and what is learning if you do not know the worst part or the stupid part of yourself. Yeah, that's a moron statement from me. Better you do not follow it. But if you do, welcome.

I will try my best everyday, to fill my life into the fullest. I believe survival will come to someone who do their best in their life. It just takes time, we have to be patient. Be patient. And always stay hungry, stay foolish. Bismillah...

Semarang, 13 Feb 2014


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