Harmony With Land

I believe all of us is actually work in the field that related with environment or basically, we live with them. By this post I just want to share something in my mind about working and living side by side with environment. 

Working in the company who needs a big area of land to start building its business, I found many things related to environment. I start being more concern about environment and also start saying myself as stupid person every time I cannot find a good solution to create balance between business and environment. I experience that business probably will not care much about environment. They use environment as a mask, a mask to cover themselves from debt that they obliged to pay to mother nature. They say they live with "eco" or "green" way and concern about environment. But actually, it is probably only one of the public relation things to make sure all people agree with their presence.

I am trying to learn that fighting to find peace with nature is something difficult. We usually try to negotiate with them by using something artificial. We try to build wall, try to create waterway or canal, try to pump flood, or we try to build strong structures to overcome future natural disaster we can say in conclusion we rarely try to cooperate with them. If we realize and think for a moment, we can say all disaster that happens to us is actually how God punishes us against something that we did against environment. I think this is something that I can call "a nature revenge". This is not actually disaster, it is revenge. We own them something, we use their land, but we did not try hard enough to pay our bill to them.

If we are fortunate enough to live without only thinking about ourselves, please think about someone else or maybe environment. Think about every place as your own home. Think about them as something that you want to keep it clean, neat, and liveable.

And remember, we own much to them.

"Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left."
- Aldo Leopold (image above)


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