Rainy Morning Jakarta

It was a grey and wet morning in Jakarta. I heard the rain already started since 3 AM. Quite early for a gloomy weather. When I woke up the sun did not come to show the beginning of the day. It was covered. It was hidden.

As usual hundreds or maybe thousands of vehicles roaming around Jakarta. Still the same traffic, but there is a different thing today, the fly-over Antasari-Blok M is already available for public. I do not know whether it will help us to minimize the traffic jam at Jakarta, well, I doubt it. But I am quite excited to try the flyover one day, since I cannot go up there with motorcycle.

Okay then, happy wet day for Jakarta. Even until now, some of my office friends do not come yet. I guess there are a lot of small flood on the street. Good luck Jakartans. Tough day to all of us. May God be with you, always.


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