Another Contemplation and Mumbling

Am I being too skeptic about life? Well, big question comes again. What is the purpose of my life now? What happen actually with my life now?

Able to get my own money from works is giving me another temptation. It opens many choices in life. The temptation of having more money seems get a lot stronger. I concern that it could blur my real objectives.

Sometimes I close my eyes, try to re-check why I work. What will I do with my work? How will I spend my work payment? Should I wait or should I buy what I can buy. Which one is the one that I need and which one is the one that I desired?

I already think that the number of your payment could be kind of something that not actually buy our way of think. It is also the way someone, company, or organization, buy our life. And now I am trying to understand what kind of temptation that invented after human meet something that they think as the one they deserved. I afraid I am going to be someone greed. Someone that go to the path that not actually what I want to be. I know there should be an answer. There will be an answer. I am on my way there.

"I need to take a walk. Somekind of walk that bring me to somewhere that I believe will give me answers. I need to run because I am afraid I am moving to slow. I must wait and be patience because I do believe someone who patiently do something he/she loves will bring them to the light of life. I must struggle because without it, I will stay here. Waiting for the world ended, without me being one of the human being. Being a watcher."


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