First Impression About Working

So It's been a week since my first day working in a company that moves in energy especially power plant sector. The company is a new one, they're still arranging and recruiting many employees to fulfill their needs. My first week went by studying the project, 2 x 1000 MW Power Plant at Central Java. I learned about how Coal Fuel Power Plant works, about what it needs to produce energy, about what will happen to environment when they are operating, and even I tried to learn the detail and small things that could be occurred before and after the construction process.

What I feel about working here is, I'm trying to see projects from different perspective. Usually I only see this kind of thing from what it will affect to environment. I saw it as a destructive action, well it is though. In this company, I have an opportunity to do what my teachers and lecturers said about protecting the environment and making one sustainable project that can be environment friendly or at least responsible to the environment that disturbed by it. I'm here to prepare the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA). The EIA is working as a control and permission for the project. The fund lender needs to make sure that the project is able to overcome the conditions that happen under the process of preparation, construction, operation, and all the way as long as it still active. The EIA usually only become a "permission" to launch the construction process meanwhile the real use of it is to control and learn what kind of actions that should be taken when it already start their impact to the environment and society. The actions is simply to show the responsibility and minimize (or overcome) the negative buffs that coming up into the ground.

The project is still young and thanks God I have an opportunity to see it from the beginning. I hope my presence in this company can give me an opportunity to learn and give a direct impact to the project itself. So one day, this company will be one of the greatest company that put their 100% concern for the environment and I will be a part of the project that support Indonesia movement to be a better country.


  1. "to see projects from different perspective". For me, ini yang kurang kita dapat di bangku kuliah (paling nggak untuk gue), makanya kadang2 pas kuliah pikiran masih terkotak-kotak dan kaku, pas udah kerja...DUARRR semua langsung kebuka.

    Enjoy your works!

    1. Betul sekali, Pep. Ini sesuatu yang gw rasa nggak akan didapat di bangku kuliah. Mohon bimbingannya ya senior. Kita bisa diskusi kapan-kapan soal kayak beginian sambil minum kopi. Hahaha.

  2. Ciyeh kakak2 intelek ;)
    Mohon bimbingan dan update an nya atas dunia lingkungan pada gw.

  3. "pas udah kerja...DUARRR semua langsung kebuka."
    Ini bener banget...
    Gw juga menemukan fenomena yang sama di tempat gw bekerja, walaupun bidang gw bukan lingkungan..
    Tapi itu sih yg bikin gw seneng kerja.. karena toh gw belajar banyak banget hal, nggak kalah kayak wkt kuliah #jadicurhat"

    1. Gw baru baca loh komen ini. Hehehe. Iya, Nes. Gw belajar banyak bener ini. Kalimat bahwa belajar itu tidak mengenal usia semakin terbukti dengan adanya jenjang hidup kita sekarang.


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