Made It or Watch It

So I found another answer in my life yesterday. It was a simply a small information about reality. About what happen in our life, our society. I was doing my job interview that morning. As my first job interview, I never know what actually will be asked that time. I came with my presentation, some questions and also spirit to find another answer in my life.

The interview went well. But instead of talking about my personality, we talked a lot about reality that bordered the spirit to do a healthy business and execute real action to give impact into our society. It is just another maze in our life, I think. We need to solve a lot of problems now. The challenge are the issues about people, government, culture, and many things connected to human behavior, especially Indonesian human behavior.

I do understand now. There are people who tried, who tries, and will try. Some of them had been broken, give up, or run. But some of them persist themselves to be there. To stand. To face the reality and future. Or just watching it goes by. I met people who actually tried to give something before he pass his life time. I met some people who put themselves into a trouble in order to fulfill his own expectation about the ideal way of life. I also met people who still trying really hard to stand and pushing back into reality. Simply just to bring him/herself up in our world.

Yesterday, I met my first reality. The true one. The one that already made a history. The one that told me that we will be there someday. The question is, will we be able to made it or... we just being people who watch the time goes by?

So now, I do understand why this life is so short, challenging, and it should be fun in their own way.


  1. and I'm afraid to be one of peoples who watch the time goes by....


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