Lost... again?

So this is a thought about lost. Well, I don't know exactly what it is. Is it just the feeling when you're nowhere. The feeling when you're hollow. A big hole inside your brain is exploding in every second of your life.

The point where you just know you're nothing. The point where you do understand that you're useless. Incompetent. Sluggish.

The question is... why every time you think and predict, it will just go nowhere? Keeping faith is one of the good solution but it brings you into another failure. Then faith is starting to disappear.

The explosion, the spark, the flashy little light in your head is crashing each other. They bring you into another thought and another faith that actually brings you to another failure.

If universe are intensely giving you signs. Then it is your lost if you didn't recognize it. What should I do become your next question. So what actually you should do is change. Then you will face another question, "change into what?". Then you start to analyze it and you will find that you're going back to what you are before. And then... you're lost (again).

Screw you, mind.


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