Breathing On It

"So what is the purpose of finding a job? Is it money? Life? Wealthiness? Or only trying to keep our life on track, the usual track for human after finished their education phase? 

I think it is back again to our purposes in life. Finding a job is just another way to make it happen, the purposes, the dreams. Give up on it will be a failure in our life because we only choose to put that bucket of dream somewhere from our sight, it could be real, could be happen.

Living your job should be something that equal to the way you breath, sometimes it is easy and relax, sometimes it is in a hurry and asking for more oxygen to keep the respiration system active. It is more than just finding profit from what you sold. It is the way to help people, educated them, make them happy, live among them, but also give us a way to survive.

We will never understand the way God creates our life. Including this, finding a job. So whatever it is, start praying (if you didn't) and hope for the best. The best in this case goes to you and others."


  1. Exactly my question. Why should we have a job? I can't deny that I need the money to get some things I want in life, though (including a Givenchy bag), so I'm getting a job very soon (I hope).


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