What If One Day...

What if one day I die...

And it was too late for me to say thank you to my parents.

It was too late for me to say sorry to all my friends.

It was too late for me to fulfill my dreams.

It was too late for me to stop being a burden of someone.

What if when the time has come for me to go...

Did I already make something useful for others?

Did I already give my best to help others?

Did I already live my life into the fullest?

When I was gone...

Please say my thanks to my parents,

my friends,

my teachers,

my best partner in life ever.

and use all my things to inspire others, to reach your dream, to learn more and answer the questions in your life.

I just hope, when I died, I already helped someone to answer their life quest.

Amien, ya Allah.


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