And That's How Life Rolls

And everytime you made plans, looking into the future, expecting something, there will be obstacles or perhaps small gap on your way.

When I expected a good week, one of easy and smooth days for my next sampling preparation, suddenly something happened, I made a stupid move that cause me to fix a healthy two terrabytes harddisk. What caused that was simply my clumsy hands, my poor precautions.

And now it's simply filled my head with many possibilities and ways to solve the problem. From the easiest one to the worst one.

Life simply tells you how to live in an unexpected way. You don't know what you'll face even for hours or minutes ahead. So well, enjoy and face every natural obstacles in your way. Jump and run, walk and duck.

That's how life rolls.

NB: This weekend I will go to a night carnival under the Pasupati Bridge, Bandung. Want to join?


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