You'll be Blessed

And you will be blessed today. With all guts. With all pray that come for you.

You will be blessed. Because you're still here, able to move and have an ability to prove that you're able to walk, think, and survive by your own. And once again you'll be blessed, because you do good things, you keep on your thought, you learn by your own.

You will be blessed, because you still have time, because another year will be full of learning, because the next year for sure will be tougher, kinder, and more astonishing.

You'll be blessed. Because whatever you do, people always sure it's a good one. Whatever you do.

You are blessed, all year, all day, all time. Because you're belong to be blessed. And I can't ask for more, because you're already blessed. You'll have wonderful life ahead, never stop, never let anything ruined you. I believe in you, always.

Happy birthday


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