What I Saw after Last Night Match

Such a beautiful morning at last at Bandung. I think it's been awhile since we should face a cloudy or rainy day in Bandung every morning.

Last night we just learned a lot from one of the biggest match in SEA Games 2011. Our U-23 football national team lost from Malaysia after they fought so hard, full of spirit, and also with big passion and determination.

We must give our appreciation by clap our hand because we lost from a great opponent, The Malaysia football team also made a good match, they showed great determination, and also taught us a lot that we still have many things to do before we want to tell ourselves as a champion in South East Asia.

Perhaps our biggest lost was not that football match or any other matches in SEA Games 2011, our true lost is how we showed the world our attitude that unfortunately expressed immaturity from our society. We still forgot that respecting others is one of the biggest problem that we have since a long time ago. Small things such as hear and respect the national anthem from other country, keeping our stadium clean and tidy, honesty, and many ways that perhaps didn't come up in mass media connected to this special event.

SEA Games 2011 should be a good slap in our face to realize that we have so much to be fixed and so many things to be learned. Although we should be proud also that we made some good progress by able to held this biggest sport event in South East Asia. Some of my friends who volunteered in the committee, saw the inside part of the it, they saw the truth, the mistakes, the inappropriate way to conduct and able to make a good self-introspection. Be positive about result and mistakes that we made in this SEA Games 2011 and hope someday in the future, we'll be able to be a better community, better nation, better human, and better part of global society.


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