The Room

How much you miss your room? After you done with your life in your dorm, in your college life, or perhaps your other room that already became your nest for several months or years for any occasion.

I had one in my senior high school. I miss that room so much. It was a special place, it was an eyewitness of my biggest story in my life. Many things happened in that room, many talks, chats, games, discussions, assignments, dinner, lunch, watching movie together with friends, and many other activities that can not be described (of course some of them are classified, boys thing).

I also had one when I did my AIESEC internship, it was a comfortable one, though I only stayed there  for several days before I went to Qinghai province.

Ooh, I had another room also in my uncle house at Buahbatu, Bandung. I spent my first weeks at Bandung in small room, perhaps only about 2 x 1.5 meters. But it was memorable, I learn how to live in Bandung at that room. I got a phone call from my mother everyday, to make sure I had a good start at Bandung. One small story that I remember is, that room was belong to my other uncle. He put a glass of coffee, well, technically it was only a waste of coffee, for months. It already became hard and difficult to clean. What a lazy person he was.

I'm sure every person have different story about their room. So how about yours? Do you miss your (old) room?


  1. yes exactly, I miss my first room in Tubagus, and of course the last and the historic one, Cisitu :___(


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