I Miss You

source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kimason/6373877941/in/photostream

The only way to comfort me down except sleeping and staying at home is taking a photograph. I miss you a long journey full of unexpected event and scenery. I miss you places that I never stepped in before. I miss you beautiful sky that actually above the same earth from my hometown. I miss you already skyscrapers, mountains, wheat fields, a long and empty roads, flowers and yellow grasses. I miss you a lot the sound of shutter, the uncommon composition, the shoot from the hip, and also the self-timer. We need more time. More passion, more enjoyment. We need to be calm and keep looking for new sights. We need to rise above what we stand now. We need to fly and see a lot of different perspective. We need to be drown and see the bottom of our fantastic life. Live long and prosper. Take a lot of pictures. Shutting my left eye and concentrate with the other eye. Push the shutter button... and smile.


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