A Good Way to Start a Day: TEDxITB

Yesterday I started my day with attending the TEDxITB event, perhaps most of us already know what TEDx is. TEDx is a simple gathering and sharing session that organized independently in a community. This event become one of the source to help us understand what actually happen in our society and what actions that already done, and also inspire us to do more, to make changes. TEDx was created in the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading." The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

You can read more about TEDx in this website TEDx .

In this TEDxITB event, we had three speakers and several TEDx video from all around the world. The speakers are Ms. Shana Fatina (She's the first woman who's elected as President of Executive Body of Student in ITB. Lots of talks she have given to all people. Most of them are about National Awakening Movement and she will share it here), Mr. Yan Yan Sunarya (Awesome lecturer from Faculty of Art and Design. Some students call him as the crazy one, giving his lecture in crazy way that never have done by any lecturers. He shared his craziness about art and design), and the last one is Mr. Sabda P.S. (A former student of ITB and the founder of several software companies. In 2004, he founded Zenius Education, a company that endeavours to revolutionise education in Indonesia both in terms of technology and pedagogy. Today, Zenius multimedia learning has been used my more than 80,000 students in all over Indonesia).

 Mr. Yan Yan Sunarya is showing his crazy expression

 Mr. Sabda P.S. is sharing his vision about education for Indonesian

To make it brief, Ms. Shana Fatina explained to us about student responsibilities in political movement. She also told us about the big opportunities that we have as a student in the university. We are in the position as a group of people who have a great access to informations and also in the middle of the era to make a change. Indonesian people need to be creative and innovative, because we must stand in our own feet. We should be able to break free from the dependency on foreign country industries and products.

Mr. Yan Yan Sunarya with his really attractive way in presentation, told us that we're actually in the middle of the colonialism. We're also being conquered in the world of art. We're listening too much to other country opinion about what taste of art is good, which color is the proper one, or even, what design, lifestyle, and mode that good for us. So we're almost lost our identity as a nation, we think our lifestyle is a primitive one. Our culture begin to vaporize into something that we called an old school style. "Universalism is forbid, but universal is okay", that's the importance sentence from Mr. Yan Yan. We can think global, understand, and knowing what's happening in the world. But, never do the universalism thinking, we still need to earn our own culture, our style and characteristic. With that effort, we can preserve and maintain our identity and show the world our originality. We should be open, innovative, and professional, but don't forget to be proud of our own.

The last speaker, Mr. Sabda P.S., shared his vision about how we should be the one who controlled our nation movement. We must concern about political issue and understand about it. Because we're a democratic country, so we're the one who make the decision. "Everyone is influential in this nation" was the biggest tag line in his first part of presentation. He wanted us to realize our position as a people in democratic country, we must be the one who hold and lead the way to our future.

Sabda said, In Indonesia, the trend is kids going to school, learn so many things, and in the end they will be a good worker. We almost forget what is the essence of education. He thinks that to be a great and independent nation, we should go back to what is the essence of education, why we study, and what study is.

People should have fundamental skills to be a whole human. Sabda shared that math is a really important thing to understand (remember, math is not the same as calculating). Logical and critical thinking are important because with those, we can process information and give an effective reasoning to many problems around us. And the last one is don't forget the importance of verbal skills. Those three are only small of major things to be understood. We should be able to make an enlightening education, and to make it happens, we can not forget the importance of teacher and human touch, although technology already help us a lot in fathom many things. Sabda last message is "spreading knowledge is the responsibility of every educated people". So yeah, it is our responsibility to spread the news, spread the knowledge and do the sharing things.

I found this event helped me a lot to realize about the condition of our country. It showed me what I can do to my community, what actually happening right now, and what people already did to make a better condition in their community. TEDxITB was the second TEDx event that I've been attended. So far I never disappointed with the content. So I'm looking forward to come to another TEDx event, either in Bandung or in Jakarta.


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