Final Assignment Beginning Chapter Two

At last, I know that I should made my mind. I find my way, the path that God already showed to me. It's since about six months ago, and all I have to do is being stubborn and doing what I believe which is the final assignment at Citarum river.

More than that, faith had bring me to some easier way. A partner, friends, tools, the small hint that came up from nowhere, which brought me here, now, the last condition of my final assignment.

So for nowadays, I should slap my own face everytime I'm considering my option. I have no option now, only one. I must keep on it, put out all my guts, strength and will.

The tools already in my hand, the signs already came from many ways, all I have to do is... keep it on track, do as best as I can. Because either the results are bad or good, that's my result, I must live with it, write about it, and send my report about it.

So this is it, the final assignment begin, chapter two.


  1. Kita kerja di lapangan, Nu. Ga ada manipulasi, ga ada kebohongan. Ga ada yang bisa menebak apa yang akan kita dapat. Baik atau buruk hasilnya, sesuai atau tidak, there is no option. Dan ini juga pilihan kita, TA di lapangan yang kondisinya ga bisa ditebak, tapi percaya setelah semuanya selesai akan ada sensasi yang bisa lo rasakan.

    Good luck, Nu. I know you can, you jump I jump, you eat I eat, you sleep I sleep #naon

  2. Exactly what I need from orang lapangan. Hahaha. Terima kasih doanya Pep!


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