21 November 2011

I almost don't know how does it feels to be right, since I know I often choose a wrong one. People perhaps already know how I deal with my life. I choose what I believe, I go with it and learn at least not running away from whatever deal I've been made.

I don't know how does it feels, to live in peace, with nothing to think about. I learn to live with it so even my head stuck with a pile of crap that I don't need to think about, I'll be able to survive. Because I know my parents learn about it, they always have something in their head that I avoid to think about. Because I know it's not my portion, It's them.

I don't mumbling and rambling about my problem here. I only want to say that I'm sure some people live with many things inside their head. People that able to live in that way. Able to manage things in their head and also their feelings. Some people choose to make anything simple, I choose to make priority. So pardon me if sometimes I made something look really complicated, I heard whatever people said, I appreciate everything what people around me suggest me to do. But still, I make priority and I learn to manage myself. I'm happy to still have people around me. I'm licking my own word, I'm learning from it, and I admit everything stupid that I did or  do.

I just know that life is not that simple, we just need to manipulate it with courage to face it. Don't stop and don't scare about it. Make it simpler... even it's complicated. Hypnotize our self and make a good call when to start think analytically or to think as simple as child does. Human is flexible, even to them self.

Learn and learn, grateful about our life. Walk and walk. See and see. Hear and always hear.

We did mistake, we're doing mistakes, we will do mistake. We forgive, we hate, we love. We're human, complicated as complicated as life is.


  1. Balik ke blogger lagi nu? Gw ganti blog udah tau? Hihihihih.

    I agree that we're human, and sometimes living with our own minds can be a burden. But don't think of the things you've done as "right" or "wrong". Think of every decision as an experience, they aren't either positive or negative (it's what I do, at least, I think of it as a gift, to be able to not regret a single thing in my life). And with these experiences you learn how a particular decision could affect you, and the people around you, and the next time you need to decide on something, you know better.

    Ea jadi panjang.

  2. Iya, tampilannya jadi enak. Postingnya jadi gampang. Jadi gw akan menulis di blogger lagi tampaknya. Soalnya di sini banyak cerita hidup gw kalau di trace. Hahaha. Udah gw follow kok blog baru lo dari lama.

    Hahaha, thank you for your comment, Kash. Well, I do agree with your comment. Those sentences also came in my mind and also one of my reason to do many thing as what I believe. We don't know something is wrong or right until we see the result. And the result won't come that fast. It takes time, it needs a big passion to find out the answer and also it takes a lot of will. Menurut gw kita emang nggak jauh beda kok untuk memandang ini, since what I saw from you is you do what you believe, and you have fun with every responsibilities that come to you. That's the art of life, I guess. Mari cerita-cerita lagi di blogger.


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