Future is Happening

I actually don't know what to do in the future. I'm not the one who usually proposed an experiment. Probably I don't interested in that. So where should I go? I've been discouraged by some people that I can't rely on something that I like. But for sure, my passion is different with my academic major.

Planning ahead is something that my mother told me. But, I'm not sure whether my plan is actually what she/me wants. I try my best to understand my faith, my way, my road ahead. I do many things and I realize I have some talents that could help me survive in the future but how I must combine it? What kind of job? Or what kind of study that I will take if I want to continue mine.

Shit is happening and will happen. True that. For real. Totally. Awesome.


  1. hey badut hitam yang sedang galau! hahaha. JUST TRY TO DO YOUR FINAL PROJECT! kalo udah dimulai maka semesta akan mendukung. yeah, shit happens here, there, and everywhere. semua harus dilalui pada waktunya kan? :P


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