My New Old Friend : FiSO

Hello, for a long time I didn't practice myself in writing. Especially in writing in English. Damn my bad knowledge in English.

Nowadays my life seems pretty ordinary, goes to campus everyday, enjoying some chit chat with my friends, doing some assistant job in Ecology lab and also eat a lot everyday.

Now I got new friend. Well, actually old friend that had been forgotten for several years (almost 15 years). He is my old camera FiSO. He is Nikon F50, the modern analog camera. Still needs 35mm film to catch some photos. I revive him from death just this week. I went to Seni Abadi Photography Shop to get him battery and Expired Film ISO 800. He looks and sounds really cool. Seriously, after I push the shutter button, I heard the "shutter sound" and It sounds really great. I'm really grateful this camera still work. Even I don't know yet the result, so perhaps I will use this first roll as soon as possible but with good moment to catch then I will see the first result. He also got SIGMA 30 - 80mm lens and 70 - 200mm MACRO. So I think He's better in some skill than Barthello (my 400D). Of course the quality will be better since no camera can beat analog camera. But it depends on my skill whether FiSO will produce good photos or even super worse photos. I'll try my best.

Oh yeah, and I also bought new lens cap for my 18-55mm Canon lens. I bought the cheap one with no brand. Function over brand.

FiSO my new best friend, but damn you, you will cost more that Barthello. But I got a big hope with you. Let's hunt my friend, world is waiting for us.


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