Never expect something you expect

Sometimes if you're expecting something it won't come like exactly you want. Now, I'm in that condition. I'm waiting for effing slow fried rice seller who usually pass my dormitory. And now, I already waiting for about 3 hours, and he didn't show up at all. Come on! I'm hungry now.

Because of this situation, I remember the phenomena named by me, "Never expect something you expect". Many cases in our world happened because they never expect about it. Never expect of being rich, being smart, or being famous. They only do their life, enjoy it, and trying hard to face it. So by this post I suggest people not expect something too much. Just do your job, your study, or even do nothing. We will get someting we never predict before. It can be good or bad, or worse. Hahaha.

And now, I'm waiting for you dear Mr. Fried Rice Seller. Show your face. I'm hungry!


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