My Inspiration, Noviar Yuana, Happy Birthday

So here it is. It's maybe the first post from Me about someone from my family. First thing, I want all of you who read this blog to pray the best luck for my father, Noviar Yuana. He is celebrating his 49th birthday today, 11 November 2010.

Hard worker Dad

He was born in year 1961 at Sumedang. Come from ordinary teacher family that have big interest in political and governmental world made him become one of good adventurer, lecturer, and a good leader among his friends. Every story that he told me is an inspiration, the good and bad stories. He never failed Me.

But, there are stories or maybe advices that he told me once but I will remember it forever. There are two things. The first one is about the purpose of our life. I will bring you to words from one of the greatest human that ever lived in this world, he is the prophet of moslem people, Muhammad SAW. He told us that "the best man who live and good in front of our God is the man who give benefits to many people". His/her life will be an inspiration, he/she will create something that make human life will be better, the solution for human problems. For example Mr. Thomas Alfa Edison. Can you imagine how human will live if he didn't invent light bulb? Imagine by yourself because this story is not about Thomas.

Back to my Dad. He told me, he will do many things to fulfill his dream, he wants to be a person who inspired people, so when he already pass away, what he already done in his life will remain on earth and give benefits also dreams to make a better life. I always remember it, and it also become my purpose in life, my target, my mission. Simple words, simple concept, but great impact to many people life.

The 2nd story that I always remember is another his dream. He got big dream about his job, now he's working in government firm. But, actually he wanted to be or I can say he wants to be a book writer. He told me, the only specific pray that he said in front of Ka'bah when he was doing Hajji was his dream to be writer. In very humble way he ask to God, 'God, if you give me permission, may I become a writer one day?' So, his simple dream also inspire me. I realized, writing is one of the way to inspire people, to share, to make someone knowledge better, writing is the solution. He is a good writer though, no one can replace him in his office as a writer, for anything, for speech, letter, well, anything. We are big fans of good book writer.

He's going to work place

Now those two simple words give me strength to be something, to remind Me what I am going to be. Never disappear, always there for Me, there... in my mind, in my heart.

I love you Dad, happy birthday!

Oh yeah, for extra, my parents also celebrated their 24th Anniversary yesterday, I don't know whether it was a coincident or not when they married. I'm happy for both of you, so I will say Congratulation Mom (Ibu) and Dad (Ayah), I love you both, always. Sorry to be such a naughty boy, but I try my best to be a good son for you. Happy Anniversary!


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