It's been a while

When I scrolled down some photos from about 3 months ago. I realized that I left some parts of my heart in a far away place. It was Qinghai. One part of the world, in China. I still remember how I amazed when I woke up from short nap in a bus. Suddenly I saw a large grassland, with some hills and mountains on my sight. I also saw the first icy mountain in my life. It was amazing. In my country I never saw such a great scenery like this. And I wonder how does it feels outside the bus. I opened the window, and suddenly the cold breeze splashed my face. Yes, it was very cold outside. If you saw it at first, you will imagine warm weather outside, then I asked my friend what is our altitude now. Then he said, "We're about 2500 meters above sea level." Well enough said, now I now why it was so cold outside.

I was enjoying the scenery and suddenly can't help myself to smile. I never dreamed about it before. I never even imagined that I will be here. In such a beautiful place where not all people from all over the world will come. I think many people come to China every year, but do they come to Qinghai? Do they know about this small heaven that made by God. And there in Qinghai, I promise to myself that I will see more, yeah more. More than just here. I will go around the world, or at least I will try.

Human life is very short, eh? We never know what kind of opportunity we will have in our future life. Some people think that it is enough to have a good job, good life, and settle future then they will die peacefully. How about doing more than just mainstream life plan? Add something thatyou think bigger than just good job, good life, and future. It is something I called one time opportunity in your lifetime. Go somewhere, do somewhere that make us know that life is not as small as one country to step on. That we can get inspiration from the poverty, from the simple life, from struggling to survive or even from modern, high class and high technology life. Life is more than just sitting on your desk doing some assignments from your boss and bring money back home on your payday. Life is to inspire other. So other people will do better, and the better people will show next generation the better way to live.

I hope they know that I still remember how they laugh, Oh, I remember everything from them

The smile from kids, the great hugs from friends, the stupid random words everyday from someone that I never know before in my life. They bring me to new horizon in my life. And they also reminded me how grateful I am. To have such a wonderful life now. Going somewhere will teach you more than just how to have fun, it also teaches you how to live in better way to be better God creation.

I hope they know that I still remember how to do Jump Rope with them


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