In The Middle of Idul Adha Night

"What do you think about it?"

It's one of many questions that probably come out from your mind everytime you see something new. How you react to something new? Are you people who act furiously, calm, or even you're a kind of person who easily follow and become slave of new thing?

I realized, in our life, we always face something new. We can't deny it, or avoid it. Every human got different phase of life, of trend, or just different way to think. We always say to our mind, "What do you think about it?", "Is it necessary?", "Is it good?", or "Is it normal?"

And then you will make your own decision. After that you will choose your way. You will walk on it.

I believe in this world, we can't say some actions are wrong. Who do you think we are? We're not the one who grab all the decision, all the answers. So I conclude that we will know something is good or bad after it passing by, after we know the result, after everything is done. Don't judge your life was wrong, you didn't try anything yet. Change your bad experience into good things, it's the way human developed so far. We take lessons from bad experience, bad experiments, then we made conclusion, made a decision, and hope everything will be okay.

Me, mumbling, blabbering in the middle of Idul Adha Night


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