To The Light

And yeah, I start to walk through the alley. It is a dark place, no light, but with random smell. Then I try to grab something near me, wall, chair, table, coffee glass, light, computer, I don't know, just anything. After that I try to take a deep breath, facing forward try to find a glimpse of light somewhere in front of Me.

Then someone poke me on my back. I turn my face back, seeing someone, no it is more than someone, it is a bunch of people. They smile at me. Their face show me that they're waiting something for me.

Then someone suddenly come up and shout, "Hey! What else you can show us? Is it done already? Your life?"

I hear it, not only hear, I swallow it with my ear, but it doesn't go to my stomach. It goes up to my brain, a new way to digest something, to digest words. Then I turn my face forward again, try to grab something, then I grab hand.

This hand suddenly grabbed really hard, it pulls me forward, then we're moving. It is right hand, without anything, just ordinary hand. We go and go. To some place but still dark, on the way to place that I don't know yet, I feel many feelings. They are happy, sad, sick, warm, cold, tired, and of course something that's really warm, it is love.

I realized something, after I went to several feelings, I see the hand suddenly got a ring on one of it finger. Gold one. And I see my right hand also got one of this same ring in my finger.

I know it, it was her. The hand that grabbed me that time, the hand that pull me to many places. And I also feel a lil bit sweat in my back, but it got a hand shape sweat, four hands. This hand always push my back. Anywhere until suddenly it was gone. I felt it disappear, one pair, then another pair of hands. I think those hands were getting old, getting tired, or they finished they duty on my back.

And now, I feel our hand are getting weaker, we're not holding tight again. It is happen to both of us either my hand and her hand. But we will keep holding to each other, until only one of our finger able to reach each other. Until the light separated us. The light, our destination, in this world.


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