Entomology Field Trip

Just today in the morning I went to bee farm (is it right? I mean the "Bee farm" part)

Me and some of my friends who take Entomology class went to Pagarwangi at Dago Pakar, Bandung. We go there on purpose, we need to gather some information about "How to keep Bees, take care of them and of course to know their benefit for us". So in the morning about 7 AM, we gathered in front of my university gate. Took about half an hour to get us to the location.

In Pagarwangi we met Mr. Oden. He is the beekeeper there. He is experienced in take care of bee and to harvest their honey. So as our informant he showed us the location of the bee and explained some information about them.

First of all, he showed us the nest that he built to keep the bees. It was like a cubic made from wood, really simple. Inside the cube there are some things like a socket that keep the bees to live there. The only thing we need to make them made nest there is to find the Queen, put her there and the other will follow her. The other important information that I got is the environment to keep bees should be surrounded by trees, farm, or other plant that produce nectar from flower. In Dago Pakar there are several farm, and also there are small forest who provide nectar to bees. So it is a good place to make a bee farm.

We also tasted the honey that produce from it. It was really nice and sweet. You can feel the difference from honey that you buy from Supermarket and the honey that you taste directly from Bees nest. From this farm Mr. Oden can get about Rp 45.000 each bottle. Each cubic able to produce about 3 bottles, so he can get about Rp 135.000 for each cubic. Imagine if he has 500 cubic. Hahaha.

So here it is some photos that I get there, hope you enjoy it

This is the socket that I told you. Really simple, right?
The bees made their nest there
This is the process when we want to try the honey, usually they will crush and squeeze the nest to get the honey
And this is the picture of the worker bee, they won't attack us if we don't make them stress. So it's okay to touch them. But of course, gently

Unlucky, we're not able to see the Queen. Mr. Oden said, it is really hard to find her because she's probably in one of this tiny hole inside the nest. The species of the bees that I show you here is Apis rana.

So, see you again in another blog post.



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