23rd September 2010, Nymphaea office

The Stories of 3210

I’m walking through that door and I see her. She’s sitting on brown wood chair, reading a book. Book with purple cover. I think She already read it until the middle part of the stories. I see her glasses slip down a lil bit. She must be really serious because She even abandoned her bag down there. There is a cat, with brown fur. The cat strolling down her feet, try to smell something inside her bag. Maybe the color of the bag, it is brown, with black color below it looks like fish, but I hope it doesn’t smell like fish, too annoying. For maybe 10 seconds, the cat is sniffing inside the bag, nothing to find, it walks away. Then I continue to see her reading, but still I’m standing here, in front of the door, already opened my right shoe. Suddenly someone come, behind me, He is shouting, “Hi!”. The girl is looking at my direction, no, actually she’s looking at this boy. The boy come to her, touching her long black hair, and kiss her forehead.

I’m putting my right shoe on, close the door and realize, It’s already 3 years, 2 months, 1 week, and 0 hour. Since first time, I decided to admit that I love her, and decided to say goodbye to my love because now I only have 3 weeks, 2 days, and maybe 1 hour and 0 minute, to live. Let it be, let her happy, since our first kiss, since I realize how lucky I am and how stupid I am, to say "no" to our relationship, because I want her to be happy. I want her to feel great relationship with a man who doesn’t know their lifetime. Not like Me. I already know too much about destiny, about life, about time.


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